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Fresh Air is the Key to Planning a Conference

When you’re planning a conference, it’s important to keep your attendees as comfortable as possible. That means providing them with a space that is conducive to collaboration and learning, but also ensuring that they have what they need to feel at ease during the event.

In order to create a comfortable environment, you need to make sure that your hotel conference rooms are well-lit and appointed with comfortable seating arrangements. You should also ensure that the temperature is set at a reasonable level so that attendees don’t feel hot or cold while they’re in the room.

But one thing that often gets overlooked when it comes to creating an inviting environment for conferences is air quality. Air quality inside a room can make all the difference. According to studies done by the Environmental Protection Agency, poor air quality can cause several adverse effects including: headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and nausea.

Indoor air can be fresher and better for you when you use an air purifier that is specifically designed for commercial and office settings. Make sure to select an air purifier that can recycle the air in that room size in less than 20 minutes. Shop IDEAL professional air purifiers for your next conference.

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