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Global Employee Health & Fitness Month

May is Global Employee Health and Fitness Month and we believe that it all starts with the air you breathe. We know we spend up to 90% of the day in enclosed spaces and there’s usually ZERO air circulation. Because of this, the air we breathe indoors is often dirtier than outside air.

Dirty air can be composed of all kinds of invisible-to-the-naked eye things. And these can be harmful in many ways, but at work you might be familiar with some of the side effects like headaches, feeling tired and less productive throughout the day.

The powerful, German-made air purifiers from IDEAL, clean your workspace air reliably, effectively, and silently – a difference you and your employees will feel.​

Since you can’t always open a window to let in fresh air, our air purifiers have highly effective filter technology to remove the airborne debris and odors from your air. We want you to breathe only the cleanest indoor air.

Learn more about how IDEAL Air Purifiers can help you be more productive.

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