IDEAL > Hercules H14: Heavy-duty Air Purifier For Tough Jobs.

Hercules H14: Heavy-duty Air Purifier For Tough Jobs.

The Hercules H14 air purifier is named after a demigod for a reason, this baby is strong and is built to handle the harshest of environments.

Tough Doesn’t Mean Clunky

H14 works best in spaces up to 810 ft2 and even as our most robust air purifier, H14 is only 29 decibels on the lowest fan speed – that’s still quieter than a whisper. Thanks to the fold-out handle, practical cord storage and rubberized, smooth-running wheels, it can be easily transported to wherever it’s needed.

What Makes Hercules So Tough?

This isn’t your typical dainty home or small office air purifier. Hercules H14’s powder-coated metal housing makes it particularly strong and ready for rough environments like construction zones, warehouses and other high-traffic areas where it might be bumped.

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