high capacity shredder


mobile shred bin (5009)

mobile shred bin (4606 and 5009)

Shred bin is mounted on heavy-duty casters for easy mobility. Shredder stops automatically when door is opened.

robust cutting unit (5009)

robust cutting unit (5009)

Industrial, tempered steel cutting head will effortlessly destroy hardbound documents, including full-sized three-ring binders.

centralized oiler (5009)

centralized oiler (5009)

Conveniently located centralized oiler provides quick and easy lubrication of the cutting shafts. 4108 and 4606 feature an automatic oiler.

electronic safety features (4605)

electronic safety features (4605)

Should a jam occur, the hopper can be tilted back to clear the jam. Motor power is automatically cut off during this operation.

bulk paper shredding (4605)

bulk paper shredding (4606)

Special rotating paddles are used to feed bulky materials into the cutting unit.

easy bag change (4107)

easy bag change (4108)

Pull-out bag frame is mounted on rollers, allowing easy access to shred bag.

modular exit conveyor belt (5009)

modular exit conveyor belt (5009)

Optional accessory greatly increases shred capacity by transporting shredded material to an external container.

fold-out feed table (4605)

fold-out feed table (4606)

The fold-out feed table is used for feeding flat paper stacks. Start and stop functions are controlled by a photo cell.

simplified controls (4107)

simplified controls (4108 and 5009)

Operation is controlled by an ergonomic control panel. Optical indicators display operational status.