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Quick Look: AP60 PRO Versus AP80 PRO

On the outside, IDEAL’s AP60 PRO and AP80 PRO air purifiers look identical and use the same filter type, so what’s the difference? We’ll guide you through what makes the AP80 PRO a more powerful machine.

Both the AP60 PRO and AP80 PRO air purifiers are the same size and use the same innovative 360° multi-layer filter (including HEPA filter and specialized active carbon) to reliably remove pollen, allergens, dust, airborne debris, and odors. The German-made technology of both machines guarantees extremely low energy consumption, and you only need to replace the air filter approximately every 12 months under normal air conditions. Both the 60 and the 80 can be controlled with the IDEAL AIR PRO app or the remote control. So, let’s look at the differences.

The AP60 PRO cleans up to 600 ft2 every 13 minutes, while the AP80 PRO can handle up to 800 ft2 every 15 minutes. The slightly less powerful motor in the AP60 allows for a quieter machine, coming in at only 16.5 decibels in Night Mode. The AP80 PRO is only 18.7 decibels in Night Mode. For comparison, the sound of someone breathing is 10 dB, rustling leaves is about 20 decibels, and a whisper is about 30 decibels.

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