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Tackling Hay Fever Season

Warmer temperatures cause nature to explode in color and fragrance. What makes some people happy causes millions of others to struggle with allergies. The use of IDEAL air purifiers indoors helps ensure a significant alleviation of allergy symptoms and an increased quality of life.

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, more than 50 million Americans have experienced various types of allergies each year. Tree, grass, and pollen are the most common outdoor allergy triggers. In many areas of the US, spring allergies begin in February and run through the summer months. Unfortunately, this spoils the warm months for many hay fever sufferers.

Studies show that the annual number of days with allergenic pollen in the air has increased significantly in recent years and decades. In allergy sufferers, contact with pollen – for example when the pollen gets to the mucous membranes of the nose or the conjunctiva of the eyes – leads to an overreaction of the immune system and thus to inflammatory reactions. In many cases, however, even a slight contact during the pollen flight is sufficient.

Typical hay fever symptoms

The symptoms of hay fever can sometimes be very severe. These include:

  • Sneezing and runny nose
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Tingling in the nose and eyes
  • Hypersensitivity of the mucous membranes
  • Headaches, tiredness, and exhaustion
  • Shortness of breath and asthma
  • Skin rashes and itching

IDEAL air purifiers turn indoor spaces into an allergy-free zone

What many people are unaware of is that the pollution indoors during the pollen season is often much higher than outdoors because the pollen dust is carried into the home with clothing, shoes, and hair. It is, therefore, crucial for allergy sufferers to minimize the concentration of allergens indoors. The use of a powerful IDEAL AP PRO air purifiers can help with this.

With various different models, IDEAL offers the right air purifier for every need. What they all have in common is that they bring clean air into everyday life. The smaller models AP30 PRO and AP40 PRO are suitable for living rooms, the home office, and smaller offices as well as waiting rooms and therapy rooms. The larger devices, like AP60 PRO, AP80 PRO, and AP140 PRO efficiently clean the air in large, heavily frequented rooms. Therefore, they are best-suited for open-plan offices, conference rooms, hotels, classrooms, restaurants, and fitness studios.

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