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The Best Air Purifiers For Smoke

According to the World Health Organization “small particulate matter and other pollutants in indoor smoke inflame the airways and lungs, impairing immune response and reducing the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.” This is especially alarming for people who live in areas often impacted by wildfires.

One solution is to use an air purifier with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. A HEPA filter helps remove particulate matter from the air.

IDEAL’s top-quality, German-made air purifiers have HEPA filters designed with five layers to remove inorganic particulate matter from your air, including smoke and other things like ultra-fine dust, pollen, airborne allergens, kitchen fumes, pet odors, and airborne debris which you can’t even see.

You’ll want to select an air purifier depending on your room size. IDEAL offers air purifiers that clean rooms ranging from 300 ft2 to 1400 ft2. And best of all, they are whisper-quiet, unlike noisy competitors.

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