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Will an Air Purifier Make a Difference?

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) published new air quality guidelines after research showed air pollution as one of the biggest environmental threats to human health. “Since WHO’s last 2005 global update, there has been a marked increase of evidence that shows how air pollution affects different aspects of health.”

The article goes on to explain the hazards of the pollutants, “WHO’s new guidelines recommend air quality levels for 6 pollutants, where evidence has advanced the most on health effects from exposure. When action is taken on these so-called classical pollutants – particulate matter (PM), ozone (O₃), nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) sulfur dioxide (SO₂), and carbon monoxide (CO), it also has an impact on other damaging pollutants.

The health risks associated with particulate matter equal to or smaller than 10 and 2.5 microns (µm) in diameter (PM₁₀ and PM₂.₅, respectively) are of particular public health relevance. Both PM₂.₅ and PM₁₀ are capable of penetrating deep into the lungs but PM₂.₅ can even enter the bloodstream, primarily resulting in cardiovascular and respiratory impacts, and also affecting other organs.”

But do air purifiers really work?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says “research shows that filtration can be an effective supplement to source control and ventilation. Using a portable air cleaner…can help to improve indoor air quality.”

So yes! Air purifiers can make a difference in filtering your indoor air. But not all air purifiers are created equal – you certainly get what you pay for.

IDEAL’s highly effective, German-made filtering technology​ provides fresher air around the clock.​

The multi-layer, 360° smart filter system includes a fine pre-filter, a HEPA filter, and an active carbon component, guaranteeing maximum air throughput and optimum filtering.

The filters effectively reduce inorganic indoor particles from your air, like ultra-fine dust, pollen, other airborne allergens, cigarette, smoke, kitchen fumes, pet odors, and airborne debris which you can’t even see.

The circular shape of IDEAL’s air filters ensures optimal use of every filter surface – so you get the most out of every filter.​ And, under normal air conditions, the filter only needs to be replaced approximately every 12 months – even if the unit is in continuous use, saving you time and money.

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