the last shredder you will ever buy

best warranty in the industry

sustainable ... period

the right shredder for your business needs

the right shredder for your business needs

the ideal. way to cut

the ideal. way to purify

simply ideal.™

Results driven. Responsibility driven. Since 1951, ideal.™ has built its reputation on precision…and principles. From environmentally conscious manufacturing processes to unparalleled safety features, our values are reflected in everything we do.

ideal.™ sustainability

ideal.™ is dedicated to an optimum balance between the environment and the community. Our shredders and air purifiers are produced with sustainable materials, and operate without hazardous or toxic substances.

ideal.™ quality

German-made with the highest safety standards, ideal.™ achieves success through a passionate devotion to quality in every phase of the manufacturing process. Fully integrated production methods allow the maintenance of quality control systems unrivaled in the industry.

ideal.™ performance

From a Safety Protection System to Electronic Capacity Controls to touchless-automatic oilers, our shredders exceed market expectations to provide the highest quality experience.

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